How Long Should Your Dissertation Master's Paper Be?

There are expectations on the length of your master’s thesis but there are no limitations set in law. This leaves you in confusion but also with a wide area to play around. It is possible to write a paper and be accused of being too wordy. You are also likely to complete a paper that is regarded as too short to the point of being required to review it.

The actual length of a dissertation for masters is determined by several factors. These factors will affect different sections of your paper. This means that the paper might be long because of your literature review, topic, or even data analysis. Here are factors that will affect the length of your paper.

What Do Instructions Say?

There are departments or supervisors who will expressly indicate the master's thesis length expected. This means that you cannot go beyond or below the stipulated length. In most cases, they give the range of pages for the entire paper or different sections. Despite such instructions, these pages must be filled with information that is credible and verifiable. Academic writing is considered similar to poetry where every word must made absolute sense. There is no room for redundant words.

Have You Talked to Your Supervisor?

Do you think your master's degree thesis is too short or too long? Maybe you should consult your supervisor. Supervisors have experience and a mandate to provide guidance. They will understand the reason for a long or short paper better than the panel you will be presenting the defense to. Hold a discussion with your supervisor to establish what can be done. You might find that some information has been repeated thus making your paper long. In other cases, the information is omitted. This makes your paper shorter than it is supposed to be. When a supervisor approves a particular length, you are sure that the department will concur.

Your Topic is a Determinant

How long is a master's thesis? The answer lies in looking at the topic. The topic sets the limits that you have to adhere to in your writing. If the topic captures a wide area, you will be required to include a lot of materials that make the paper longer. Where the title is very specific and captures a lean area, the paper will be shorter. The topic should be chosen in consultation with your supervisor.

How is Your Data Presented

Data and its presentation are determinants of the length of an academic paper. Where the topic indicates that you need to capture a lot of data and present it in graphics and diagrams, the paper will be longer. Use master's thesis examples to compare the length of your paper. This enables you to produce a paper that meets the required standards in academics.

The length of your paper does not influence how long your masters thesis defense takes. You need to organize your ideas and presentation to ensure that you have ample time to handle all topics in your presentation. The defense is a summary that must be made in the clearest format possible.


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